Pokemon Video Games Definitely Worth Every Penny

Pokémon X and Y is my favorite version of Pokémon video games however I cannot say that is flawless because there was a bug in it which will interrupt your saved game. However, because of their wonderful update it is already fixed. It is very advisable that you should run the update to avoid the same problem again. All you have to do is to follow the set up in the manual or if you don’t know how you may follow some tips in the Internet.

Pokémon X and Y are a wonderful version of the Pokémon series which can be compared as well to the previous versions Black 1 and 2. If you want to know about the background of this version it features wonderful music, content, graphics and tasks for you to follow during missions. If you are a novice to Pokémon video game, here is a little background about this video game, you are a young man in a place residing together with a variety of wild beasts or creatures which are called Pokémon some are friendly and others hostiles. The game will give you the task of capturing these creatures and tame them, and if you have kids who will like to play the game you can teach them easily how to capture and train these Pokémon. Surely your kids love to stroll around the land with maps and have their own adventures. In your way your Pokémon need to battle versus other tamers who have a strong Pokémon. Although the game was created for young people and those who like this video game, there is a good message in it. As you take care of the Pokémon they will grow to like you as well and every time they lose in the battle they will be fainted and can be revived again and to equip them for upcoming battle. During Evolution your Pokémon can be come strong and increase in skills points and will transform to a new form with X and Y, which will result in Mega- Evolution which features additional alternatives and other more possibilities.

If you have plans to purchase a Pokémon rom video game for your kids, then this is good for them because it has educational value. Creator of the game has created a huge variety of creatures for gamers to pick from. Pokémon X and Y evolution have different strength and weakness; if you keep on playing the game you will discover the best attacks and defenses for every Pokémon character. It is best to write those strength and weaknesses of these Pokémon in notepad if you don’t want to memorize there capabilities. Financial management is also featured in the game so that you will provide your character right equipment before launching to take a trip to other areas in the game. It is good to use your given money wisely to be able to acquire needed items for your Pokémon.

Pokémon X and Y are very enjoyable to play because you can have fun with them and you may as well feed them just like tamer giving rewards to creatures who have perfectly executed a command or task. The video game will not just feature about Pokémon battle, you can even make your Pokémon a pet, giving them care and attention they will smile and have a good mood. Most Pokémon versions today can be played in 3DS, so in every action of your Pokémon the camera will show your Pokémon smiling and other facial expression. The more you train your Pokémon the more they get faster and will become more effective during battle.

Pokémon video games are always evolving, in order to appreciate the game try to play the earlier versions and the current ones. If you don’t enough money to purchase Pokémon video games, there is always free to download Pokémon video games.

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