Ultimate Warrior Strategy for Boom Beach

Warrior is the most used troop as far as Boom Beach strategy is concern., You may have noticed it if you are a hardcore player but for those who are beginners then you might be a little shaky when it comes the real power and do’s and dont’s of playing this character in the game. Just a disclaimer to everyone reading this, if you belong to the first category then I advise you not to continue reading this, otherwise, you may find it boring and nothing special. However, if you do belong to the second category presented, I am begging you to take time to read this blog because I promise you this will be a big help in your journey as you level up in the hierarchy of Boom Beach around the world.

Things that you should remember when playing warriors also known as “The Basics”:

  • You will be able to unlock it at HQ (Headquarters) Level 8
  • It is a fast troop but can only attack at close range otherwise known as melee attacker
  • Unit size is 3, so you can get a decent amount trained
  • Its weakness is anything that deals with splash damage like flamethrower and canons
  • They do not high HP (health points) but they do have high DPS (damage per second)
  • Max level for warriors at the time writing is 18 with 1200 health and 500 damage and it cost 13 thousand to train

Those mentioned above are just the basics taken form. But the most important thing right now are not those but rather the strategy on how to use them. You may have the best troop composition in the world but without the correct tactic to maximize its potential, then it would be very futile. Warriors are widely used because it can move fast and can deal considerable amount of damage considering if you are using a considerable number of it. As for the most effective combo using warriors, it will be very efficient if you use this unit together with flares.

As mentioned in the above paragraph, one of the Warrior’s weaknesses when it comes actual Boom Beach raids is that it is very vulnerable to splash damage as they tend to work in groups. That is why the very best thing to do before deploying your warriors is to clear as much as possible the defense structures that deals with splash damage. In this case, I am talking about canons and flamethrowers.

If you have not tried such strategy using Warriors, then do give these guys a chance. I am pretty sure you won’t regret using them. They may seem weak but their speed and high DPS will offset their weakness as long as you can implement a good strategy that will facilitate their advantages.

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